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ABILENE, TX - “Making the stop, number 11 Danieal Manning.”After a successful career at Abilene Christian University…“He’s the only defensive player to ever have his number retired here at ACU.”Second-round draft choice by the Chicago Bears…“With no further ado…our number one draft pick: Danieal Manning, Abilene Christian.”“Oh man, it’s truly an honor to be a Chicago Bear.”Start in your rookie year in Super Bowl 41…“Manning fakes left, goes right. Dragged down immediately, that’s Harrison with Danieal Manning, rookie from Abilene Christian University, making the hit.”“I played fairly well in that game.

If you are an experienced football player or just starting football, our football programs are an experience you will never forget!

Athletes learn from outstanding veteran college and high school coaches selected for their ability to coach and teach the game of football.

And yes, I understand that disrupting the space-time continuum could possibly erase future glories such as Fast Willie's 75-yard run for the thumb, James Harrison's end zone to end zone race against time or Troy Polamalu's luxurious hair.

But for fun and arguments sake, let's live in the specific, selected year and analyze the alternatives.

Do you even know who Darryl Sims, Aaron Jones and Jamain Stephens are? So please indulge me as I grab myself a briefcase full of plutonium, fire up the flux capacitor and rev up Doc Brown's (Emmett's not Antonio's) Delorean up to 88 mph and go back in time and redraft various Steeler drafts.

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