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Tap the "Play" icon in the upper left corner to play the next episode of the television show or to start the movie.

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Back in olden times before Netflix, you had to wait days, even weeks, between episodes of your favorite show, and it was terrible.

Then the streaming service came along and changed everything.

) And if you thought Netflix was amazing already, here are some easy tips and tricks to make your viewing experience more impressive than the "Cosmos": Just remember that streaming in HD uses up a lot of data, so you'll probably want to make sure you're using a Wi-Fi network and not your data plan.

After you've done that, your picture will be so clear that next time you watch Walter White throw a pizza on his roof, tomato sauce will probably splash in your face.

Today, the time between episodes has been reduced to seconds, the term binge-watch has been added to the Oxford Dictionary and, thanks to Netflix's seemingly endless options, there's really not any reason to go outside any more.

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