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” tte Kikareru to Kincho Suru Suzuki Masayuki – Lovely Flower – Taiyou no Elegy GARNi DELi A – Désir Read More On September 18, Music Station will air the third edition of its now annual special, MUSIC STATION ULTRA FES. This is his first time working with music producer Seiji Kameda, who is known for his past work with artists such as Ringo Sheena and Ken Hirai.The show was first aired in 2015 to celebrate Music Station’s 30th anniversary. This set of 20 acts is heavily Johnny’s, featuring the likes of Arashi, Hey! “Eternal Love” is described as a “love ballad born out of a mutual understanding between the two”; with a beautiful melody and a rich, pure feeling. Children is back again this week, facing off against two newcomers.But i continue watch this drama because ohs.amazing actress and so funny.. cast no problem but story has little problem I really enjoyed it at first but then it got too much drama, it got boring and misplaced in so many ways.

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Titles of currently performed plays are given in (ō, ū).

This takes the place of the circumflex (ô, û) used in romanization used in some older editions and on the Continent.

How I wish the main couple will be the only plot and the rom-com was the core tone (like Boku, Unmei... ) then the drama would be so much more fun I do not say this drama is perfect but i really enjoyed to wathced it and love the main lead couple so much...i never like JW in his other drama before but for the 1st time he really handsome so sweet...the drama didnt show their weeding .could be really fun if i ever watch this one it's only bc of JW since am not really into epic dramas! I think it is more heart pounding than the other drama.

one of my faves epic kdramas will be gu family book it was addictive, so not sure if i'll see this through 32 epis but i just love joo won and this is his latest bef enlisting! The first few episodes were a bit too much to describe the princess' behaviour but as I watched on, it became clearer why the princess was too much. I'm a bit sad because it's going to end but I hope the best to the casting team.

I was looking foward for this to air since both my bias are there.

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