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Fun to Watch Horse jumping is a spectacle that has entertained fans for hundreds of years.Of course horse jumping was not originally a sport but more of a test between rider and horse.Choose your player from the four types of characters and get them to the starting line to begin the competition.

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Time Consuming Maintaining a horse or pony is both time consuming and slightly more expensive than most other sports.

A healthy full-grown horse can cost anywhere from $3500 to $5000 per year to maintain, and each horse needs at least one acre of pasture to graze on during summer months (depending on your location, this may be more or less).

To start off, you should go in the training section first and practice your long jump skills for a litttle while.

Even the best athelets in the world need some practice before their great olympic competitions, so go ahead and play for fun before you play for succes.

Some breeds are better suited to jumping competition than others, and in the trendy & faced paced world of show jumping breeds come & they go.

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