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Ellendale residents are confident the Tasmanian Government will shut down a religious facility which houses a convicted sex offender, despite the charity involved pledging to stay open.

In recent months, two of three convicted sex offenders left the Freedom Centre, which sparked community protests when opened last year.

But my question is: Did I do the right thing, or did I put my nose in something I should have left alone?

A: There are so many different questions this situation raises that I’m not sure where to begin, but I’ll confine myself to answering the only question you actually asked me.

Steven Ruiz, 37, Lindsay Ramirez, 34, Sherri Smith, 53, Vanessa Johnson, 21, Bridget Baker, 30, Owen Meyers, 32, and Chelsey Algreen, 24, all of Des Moines, having a fun time at the 2017 Leprechaun Chase.

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