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Enter the world of Guild Wars, a competitive online role-playing game that rewards player skill.

In large head-to-head guild battles, cooperative group combat, and single-player missions, you'll explore a fantasy ...

We're still very early in development I hope you join our forums, discord server or follow us on one of our many social media sites. July Report 2017 No Demo Video This Month Summary Hi guys!

So last month Jayden was working on mutliplayer bugs and general fixes and bugs we've discovered while test playing.

We're still confident we are making pretty…April and May Report 2017 No Demo Video This Month Summary Wow so sorry for the super late update. Jayden needed some time to move to a new state and I came down with the flu.

Since Rome 2, Creative Assembly has cleaned up the engine's performance and the AI's smarts enough to make Warhammer a great iteration on the series basics.

And as usual, you can play the full campaign mode with a friend.

For the purposes of this list, here are some of the criteria that determine what an MMORPG is, or at least what makes it a good one.

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