Onrowupdated vs onrowupdating

I have my onrowupdating method, and it works, except for this one value is not getting passed to the method. The problem lies in one of the rows that I converted to a templete field and added a dropdownlist to.

When the user clicks edit it turns into a drop down list.

The problem arises when trying to edit the Percentage value.

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Initially, columns appear in the order specified by the columns array.

If you skip specifying this array, columns will mirror the order of fields in the first object from the data Source.

Is Post Back and in the On Row Editing, On Row Updating and On Row Cancelling event handlers.

I have a break-point right at the start of Page_Load and there are no rows in the Grid View at that point on any post back.

What I do not understand is why you don't provide the same functionality if you can, why don't you use Microsoft default implementation (I ask this but I get an answer that did not convince me at all). I have send you a link that describe the problem and the scenario )

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