Ora 14402 updating partition key column

where the parameters within [] are optional and can be omitted.

ora 14402 updating partition key column-46

Another sophisticated solution will be to partition DB table.

In oracle a DB table can be partitioned based on a column.

When you enable row movement, if the virtual column’s value belongs to another partition, a row migrates to the appropriate partition from its current partition.

Type ----------------------------------------- -------- ---------------------------- PROD_ID NOT NULL NUMBER CUST_ID NOT NULL NUMBER TIME_ID NOT NULL DATE CHANNEL_ID NOT NULL NUMBER PROMO_ID NOT NULL NUMBER QUANTITY_SOLD NOT NULL NUMBER(10,2) AMOUNT_SOLD NOT NULL NUMBER(10,2) SQL create table sales 2 (prod_id number not null, 3 cust_id number not null, 4 time_id date not null, 5 channel_id number not null, 6 promo_id number not null, 7 quantity_sold number(10,2) not null, 8 amount_sold number(10,2) not null) 9 partition by range(time_id) 10 interval (numtoyminterval(3,'month')) 11 store in (ts1,ts2,ts3,ts4) 12 (partition sales_q1_1998 values less than 13 (to_date('','dd-mm-yyyy')) 14 )SQL select a.partition_name,a.tablespace_name,a.high_value, 2 decode(a.interval,'YES',b.interval) interval 3 from user_tab_partitions a, user_part_tables b 4 where a.

You can create a virtual column either when you create a table, or later on, by using the alter table statement. The first method, shown here, is to create the virtual column when you create the table: The column HRLY_RATE is a virtual column.

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