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Good news, single ladies -- if you're looking for a date with a man, the odds are in your favor in Upstate New York. Just three cities in the study were found to have an even number of single men and women in that age range: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Decatur, Illinois; and Nashville, Tennessee.

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Beginning in the early summer of 1900, the Aurora Elgin & Chicago interurban trolley line crossed the Fox river on a steel bridge supported by limestone piers dating back to shortly after the Civil War (1867).

To the north, near the mouth of the Waubonsie Creek, the Hopkins Saw Mill provided lumber for some of the Oswego’s earliest buildings.

We work with many teens and their families in Naperville IL, Oswego IL, Romeoville, IL.

We focus on strengths and talents and finding ways to use those abilities to overcome obstacles in life.

The Village of Oswego was founded at the site where the Fox River flows across a limestone shelf that provided a shallow, smooth route used by Indians and early settlers to cross the river.

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