Paul banks interpol dating

'I'm not strict,' she admits of her parenting style.'I would say it's a mix of old-fashioned values - discipline, love, respect, loyalty and honesty - but they're definitely mixed in with a very progressive form of upbringing.'Adding that her teenager is at the 'cocky stage', she says that Mingus 'has definitely taught me how deeply uncool I am.They are well adjusted individuals, as far as people in rock bands go. They tried something really cool." Interpol' s new long-player has been more warmly received than U2's.

Should that come to pass, you can take it Banks would be chuffed: he looks up to the Bono and friends enormously, regarding them as role-models for any musician shooting for a long-term career. Part of their longevity, I think, is that they've got this gang thing going on.

"My girlfriend has been close to U2 for many years," he says, somewhat elusively (his current squeeze is not known to the media – unlike his ex, model Helen Christensen). Maybe it's because they are Irish – they are smart and family-oriented. When he had to issue another statement down the line, after things had gotten hairy, again that was very articulate, very humble.

On stage and in their press shots, Interpol are never less than rigorously dapper – for going on 15 years, the New York indie rockers have been, by a considerable margin, the best-dressed band in alternative pop.

So it's surprise when frontman Paul Banks swings into his Olympia theatre dressing room, shiny track-top and red beanie paired with blindingly bright green trousers.

” asks Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler as we step outside the W Hotel in Dallas onto the sunbaked sidewalk.

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