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They almost always win gold – their only silvers came in 20.

men landed on the podium each time they entered this relay, from it’s inauguration in 1964 until the most recent edition in 2012. The women’s 4x200m freestyle relay was introduced at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, where the U.

“There was a swell and it looked really fun,” he says.

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At the 50-meter turn, he glanced right and saw Bernard a full body-length ahead.

But Lezak got his moments in the spotlight, too, including a visit with Oprah.

Aaron Wells Peirsol (born July 23, 1983) is an American former competition swimmer and backstroke specialist who is a former world champion and world record-holder. national team, he holds the world record in the men's 4×100-meter medley relay (long course).

He is a three-time Olympian and seven-time Olympic medalist (five gold, two silver). Individually, he currently holds the world record in the 100-meter and 200-meter backstroke events (long course).

Across a small table is a smiling, silver-haired gentleman whom Lezak, 32, has just met. And if the deal is big enough, Lezak, one of many Beijing Olympians who are now effectively unemployed, will be able to get back in the pool. "I've been looking forward to this," Hildenbiddle tells him. As the wall drew closer, Lezak tells his audience of one, he kept thinking the same thought: "I have to do it."The face we all remember—after Lezak caught the Frenchman from behind, clinched the gold and turned himself into America's second-favorite swimmer—belonged to Phelps, who let out a primal roar, his features locked in shock and exhilaration.

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