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People with darker skin have more melanin, but even if you have dark hair, dark eyes, or darker-toned skin, you can still get a sunburn. And worst of all, they can lead to skin cancer when you are an adult.

Because getting wrinkles and getting sick don't happen right away, they can seem like things that could never happen to you. These steps are especially important between in the morning and in the afternoon, when the sun's rays are strongest.

The Great American Solar Eclipse is passing through 14 states today (Aug.

When you open the i Phone's Camera app, the app automatically begins taking pictures, even if you don't tap the shutter button.

This is to allow the phone to capture photos as quickly as possible.

Live Science is assembling the best photos of the eclipse and the science surrounding it.

Check back throughout the day to see the country's most stunning eclipse photos.

Live Photos is an Apple technology that allows a single photo to both be a still image and, when activated, include a few seconds of motion and audio. Live Photos were one of the flagship features for the 6S, since they use the 3D Touchscreen which was also introduced on those devices.

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