Plex recently added not updating

I updated Plex to Version and it did not fix the issue, but rather another issue came up; the Plex home screen would now not come up.

After some research on the web, I got Plex up and running again after using the following SSH commands:$(getcfg -f /etc/config/Plex Media Server Install_path)/stoprm "$(getcfg -f /etc/config/Plex Media Server Install_path)/Library/Plex Media Server/"$(getcfg -f /etc/config/Plex Media Server Install_path)/start It is still not grabbing artwork or displaying screenshots, but grabs textual meta data.

plex recently added not updating-35

Plex recently added not updating

Installation this way won't allow for automatic updates. It will appear as a video add-on in your skin menu.

However, we recommend using a Ple XBMC compatible skin for complete integration.

so you can't just change them without affecting a whole bunch of other stuff. I think the solution is not to change in the database...change the query instead. # sql_episodes = "select * from episodeview %sorder by idepisode desc limit %d" % ( unplayed, self.

LIMIT, ) #VIKJON0 20111216 sql_episodes = "select * from episodeview %sgroup by id Show order by idepisode desc limit %d" % ( unplayed, self.

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