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I also found the clarion yesterday after I went a bit mad googling too !!

I'm speaking to the gp on monday hopefully he can refer me for an early scan, before I go nuts ! Helen x Helen, just wanted to wish you good luck with the GP today....

So I have found one near to us that is 50, quite a good price I think??

We would like to book one ourselves for 7 to 8 weeks incase we cant get one on the nhs, dont mind paying for it but dont know where to even start with booking one.

I've seen on the net some people saying they've paid 50 at the RUH in Bath but dont know how to go about it. Hi there I have a list of local private places in the notes from my midwife ( I am in Swindon) Im at work at the mo but will post them for you later when I get home.

That was at 9 weeks so not out of the woods yet.... Good luck hun, I hope you get you'd scan and good news.

Lou xxx Heya, theres a company called GP care which do private reassurance scans for £70, they're in bristol, not sure if thats too far away from you but might be worth a google?

Please contact the clinics listed here to know more about the ultrasound baby scans they offer during pregnancy.

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