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Once I set the subtasks to 100% (for the most part), the overall summary task bar is now showing 71% complete through 7/25.

So I'm not clear on how the summary task bar calculates the overall percent complete for the project.

As a note, I have only provided percent complete for roughly the first 70 lines of a 230 line schedule. If, as is typical in some projects, your workload is front-loaded, then you might well be 71% complete at the midpoint of the total project duration.

Microsoft Project 2013: A summary task shows a wrong total of DURATION HOURS: The sum should be 31 hours, but it shows only 25 hours. possible explanation for a shorter summary duration is that one or more of the subtasks overlap, which would yield a resource over-allocation.

(8a - pm, Monday through Friday) You would be better applying the changes (6 days per week, 18 hours per day) in the project calendar and removing the task calendars.

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