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The area of ​​professional activity Master includes research, development and technology, aimed at the registration and processing of information, the development of the theory, the creation and use of plants and systems in the field of nuclear physics, particle, plasma, condensed matter physics division of isotopic and molecular mixtures physics of fast processes , radiation medical physics, radiation material, the study of non-equilibrium physical processes, propagation and interaction of light with objects animate and inanimate nature, nuclear facilities, nuclear and radiation safety and security of nuclear materials and physical protection of nuclear facilities, control systems and automated control of nuclear -physical settings.

The area of professional activity Master covers a wide range of nuclear fuel cycle, energy, engineering and other high-tech industries.

By World War II, every twelfth resident of the city was a student, giving rise to the city's informal name - the Siberian Athens.

After the October Revolution of 1917 the city became a notable center of the White movement, led by Anatoly Pepelyayev and Maria Bochkareva, among others.

The discovery of gold in 1830 brought further development to Tomsk in the 19th century; however, when in the 1890s the Trans-Siberian Railway bypassed the city in favor of the village of Novonikolayevsk (Novosibirsk), development began to move south to connect with the railway.

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