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The most common dating mistakes often spring from underlying issues of self-esteem (think too little of yourself, and you'll settle for less-than-ideal situations - think too much of yourself, and you believe bad behavior is absolved by your sheer fabulousness).

More often, dating doozies result from failure to recognize - or simply accept - the different ways men and women approach relationships.

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You glance at your computer screen and see an ad for e Harmony. “What if I only get matched with creeps, crazies and stalkers? how would I explain the fact that I met them online? Sure, it would be nice to be in a room and feast your eyes upon someone you have an instant connection with.

Slowly, you move your cursor over and feel tempted to click. It would be embarrassing.” Gradually, you are engulfed with so much uncertainty and doubt that you refrain from clicking and go on with your work. To walk towards them with flashes of your future resonating in your imagination as you make your way over, ready to strike up a conversation and to set the foundation for your everlasting happiness.

But as much as the idea appeals to you, you let out a groan as you remember all the work you still have to finish.

You let out a sigh and think that maybe it’s possible to go out just for an hour before you tackle getting all that work done. Exasperated, you toss the phone away, grab your files and plop yourself down on your laptop and get ready to finish what needs to be done.

"We all make mistakes." Nowhere is the cliché more apt than when it comes to relationships.

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