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Check out this extra motivation: Instagram is now owned by Facebook, which means that the original Instagram we met back in 2010 is not the same as what we have today. As a developer, pay special attention to the built-in CTA feature for stories as well as enhanced analytics—Instagram is slowly becoming a more marketing-friendly platform.

One more bonus to consider here is the storage factor.

Much like the You Tube, Instagram plugins prevent you from overloading your site’s server with image storage. With so many different ways you can use Instagram for business, it only makes sense that we should take a look at the plugins to help you integrate it within your Word Press site.

You can then use the Easy Feed widget to embed blogs of most platforms.

Adding a blog feed to a site is an easy way to display latest posts, news, and updates, dynamically.

You can configure the Easy Feed widget to display latest updates first, media (images or videos) with non-Wordpress blogs, and resize the component per your design needs.

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