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At the time, the role was regarded as "one of the longest and complex narratives to deal with a lesbian or gay character." Years after leaving soap operas and starting his film career, Phillippe said of playing the character, "I felt lucky playing the first gay teenager on television—not just daytime, but television, period." The role was portrayed as a heroic figure, displaying traits of courage in spite of facing homophobia from his father Walter (Jonathan Hogan), high school classmates, and members of the fictional Llanview community.Homophobia is stirred in fictional Llanview in early 1992 with new arrivals to town Reverend Andrew Carpenter (Wortham Krimmer), and Andrew's father and retired army general Sloan Carpenter (Roy Thinnes).Billy (Phillippe) arrives in the Philadelphia Main Line suburb in April 1992.

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How stupid and horny do you have to be to cheat on your girlfriend at your birthday party?

I guess that’s the ultimate passive aggressive move, and Ryan seems to be skilled in that department.

Not much is known about Paulina Slagter, 20, the girl with whom actor Ryan Phillipe, 38, has been spotted at various locations across Los Angeles, but the leggy blonde is warming up to the spotlight.

[email protected] is told rapper Fabolous gave his seven-year-old son Johan two gold Rolex watches for Christmas, one worth ,500 and one worth a stunning ,500.

Is there anywhere in Los Angeles you go to watch games with other Eagles fans?

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