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S., a feature-length adaptation of her award-winning short film produced by a grant from POWER UP (Professional Organization of Women in Entertainment Reaching Up). Instead of killing each other, they talk and come to an understanding. S.", is just a silly action movie but there is quite a bit more going on than that.Their assignment is to take down major villain Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster). Sure, its spoofs Clueless and Charlie's Angels, but throw in Austin Powers-ish James Bonds films too. I loved everyone in this production, but especially villain Jordana Brewster (of Fast and Furious fame). Evil and younger and less villainous than Demi Moore in CA2.

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S attempts to blend two genres--it is both a spoof of spy/action films and a light romantic comedy.

The other main players do not stand out like Brewster, Ritchie or Simpson, but they are all satisfactory. I'm saying that as the movie buff with an extremely open mind who found the relationship that builds throughout the movie as very convincing and extremely charming.

She's the last surviving member of the Reynolds crime syndicate.

After her father's death, she inherited the keys to his kingdom: Illegal arms-running, smuggling, gambling... She's protected by a loyal band of mercenaries, led by this man...

interview, WMP, Large What was your inspiration for the film? Sara: What girl wouldn’t want to be in a film where she gets to be a kick-ass cute girl? What were your favorite aspects about your characters? Stop focusing on what she thought was best for her and let her do her thing and genuinely is happy for her. Jill, did you bring home a box full of cardigans after the shoot? Meagan: And if they’re truly your friends and if they truly love you, then they will come around.

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