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transcribed by Dave (Ratboy) Written by: Peter Mehlman & Marjorie Gross Episode no. 126 pc: 715, season 7, episode 16 Broadcast date: 15 February 1996 The Cast Regulars: Jerry Seinfeld................... Jerry: Yeah, they're in town this week, you wanna go?

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Hoffman (Kramer) comes by to borrow a couple of pieces of meat.

The girl calls and asks Jerry if she can stay at his apartment for the night, when she arrives she asks to stay for another night.

Every time I put on an episode I love it individually in it's own way.

Considering the fact that there are very few weak Seinfeld episodes throughout it's nine fine seasons (even Season Two has some gems...

The episodes I will select here are going to be my personal favourites, and not necessarily what I consider to be the 'best', though many of these are often considered some of the best.

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