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” to Jesse Katsopolis’s (John Stamos) “Have Mercy” and Joey Gladstone’s (Dave Coulier) “Cut! Her relatives sarcastically mention her absence on three different occasions (at one point even breaking the fourth wall and staring directly at the camera), as though the real-life Olsen twins don’t have anything better to do than guilt-binge a lukewarm sitcom reboot.

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” In typical Tanner fashion, hugs are never overrated.

In fact, the family members often ask to be included in a group hug.

Chances are, if you were in elementary school when this ditty dropped, boots, you likely thought, were the cool black combat footwear you saw in all the '90s music videos. Did you ask yourself why the boots were rocking, knocking? And I'm willing to bet that however old you were in 1991, you DEFINITELY should not have been using "sex" as a verb.

Nonetheless, hit play right now and tell me you don't want to dance! I'm sure you know every line of this slow jam and can passionately sing, "I'll make love to you / Like you want me to / And I'll hold you tight / Baby, all through the night." But when this song was hot, you were probably still holding a teddy bear and blankie all through the night.

A song so iconic that rapper Kendrick Lamar took just the opening line — "In the thundering rain" — and looped it into an entire song.

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