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Many observers used high tech camera equipment to record the event.Others documented the eclipses's unusual effect on shadows and animals.

Nashville is along the 70-mile wide path of totality, meaning the moon covered 93% of the sun.

Given the historic magnitude of the eclipse, we decided to head down to Nashville to take in this once in a lifetime event on the ground.

Pictures of the once-in-a-lifetime event quickly flooded social media.

You know what's cooler than seeing a total eclipse? #techers #caltech #caltechalumni #californiainstituteoftechnology #madrasoregon #madras #oregon #cool #eclipse #totaleclipse #2017 #eclipse2017 A post shared by Caltech Alumni Association (@caltechalumni) on In addition to providing an impressive visual spectacle, eclipses are also a chance for scientists to study the sun more closely.

Not an abstraction or a casual observation about a rainy day or a crescent moon, but real: our actual physical presence in a solar system, and everything that that entails, implies and signifies.

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