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It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with Dorcas: There is a lot of confusion on this profile because of unsourced family trees.

If you do the research Dorcas Abigail Poole was born in 1770, she has nothing to do with this person.

She got pregnant but later had an abortion, she allegedly told investigators.

“We want them to keep their hands off the students.” Here’s what you need to know: Alexandria Vera told investigators she met the boy in 2015 during summer school, when he was a student in her class, according to court documents.

During summer school, the boy flirted with her and asked for the name of her Instagram account, police said.

And Dorcas Daulton/Vaulton is unsourced and was created several years ago by a person who confused many John Stovalls into one person.

We need to clean up this profile and remove all the unsourced confusing data.

According to court documents, they were rig HOUSTON – Students remember Alexandria Vera as the “cool teacher” who let kids at Stovall Middle School use cell phones in class.

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