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I want dopers opinions re whether I should I sell or hold?

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On the eve of the controversial book’s publication, the star gave our author an advance peek and posed exclusively for The perfume of decaying gardenias permeates her steamy New York living room, a space that has, despite a Fernand Léger over the fireplace, the solitary feel of a deserted, if elegant, [#image: /photos/54cc031dba5e6f1344ae302a]30s hotel lobby. Taking a break from 12-hour days in the recording studio, she is allowing me a first peek at what she hopes will be the worldwide publishing phenomenon of the year—her latest reinvention of her go-for-broke image: Pansexual Madonna, in your face hard, if not hard-core.“She has a nipple ring? ” I ask weakly about a woman in one of the first images (some of the roughest trade comes right up front).

Wearing ragged cutoffs and looking exhausted, her face blotchy and without makeup, she barely resembles the star perhaps the dirtiest coffee-table book ever published. “Everything in their body is pierced,” Madonna says of her two co-stars in the first section of The book is billed as the enactment of Madonna’s private sexual fantasies, brought to the page by her longtime collaborator, photographer Steven Meisel.

American film actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson, 1926 - 1962) on location (at Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street) during the filming of 'The Seven Year Itch' (directed by Billy Wilder, 1954), New York, New...

I bought two of these aluminum covered beasts about 10 years ago when the first came out, one to look at and one to sell as a sealed collectors item. Anyway, I'm not really attached to this book but I don't want to sell if the value will continue to climb.

It might also be subhyaloid or a combination of both [2–4].

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