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'The key thing was to ensure that no two workouts were exactly the same - we did something different every single day to keep it interesting.’‘We did some direct abs work for aesthetics but Channing brought out his six-pack more from the weights and conditioning work, because his core was constantly being engaged throughout each session to keep his torso stable.’ Arin moved to Vancouver and had 10 weeks to get Channing, pictured second from right, movie-ready.

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But instead of spending hours in the gym - Channing's wife, Jenna Dewan, was filming a TV show in Vancouver, Canada, so the family had relocated there - the pair decided to take a more outdoor approach to packing on size and stripping away the fat.

Arin, pictured left, who has worked closely with Channing, right, before building his body for previous roles in White House Down, Foxcatcher and 22 Jump Street, told Alpha Man magazine how he decided how buff the character should look‘When we started training together Channing was around 210lb and we wanted him to be closer to 185lb,’ Arin told the magazine.

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