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But following a two year trawl through archives, researchers uncovered the footage appearing to show sex slaves at Songshan, in China's Yunnan Province in 1944 when U.

S.-China Allied Forces reclaimed Songsan from the Japanese.

It’s a huge problem and the system isn’t really set up for them to find great opportunities for work or even shelter or anything like that.

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Grainy black and white video shows seven bare-footed women outside a brick house said to be used as a military-run brothel.

One woman in a dirty blouse talks to a Chinese officer while others stare nervously at the ground as US-China forces liberate them.

North Korea on Sunday threatened to unleash a missile attack on the United States, warning that its rockets could strike the mainland anytime and there’s no way to “dodge the merciless strike,” according to a report.

President Kim Jong Un’s regime made the blustery threat as the US and South Korea prepared for a joint military exercise on Monday, CNN reported.

Pyongyang said the Hermit Kingdon’s military could target the US mainland, Hawaii or Guam anytime and Washington wouldn’t be able to “dodge the merciless strike.” “The US should pay heed to the statement of the DPRK government that we would not rule out the use of any final means,” another article in the North Korean media said.

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