Sharepoint 2016 rss viewer web part not updating

Click “Library” or the particular list tab in the ribbon at the top.

The list tabs have different labels depending on the types of lists they contain, so if you are subscribing to a calendar list, for example, look for the tab labeled “Calendar.” 2.

sharepoint 2016 rss viewer web part not updating-63

Sharepoint 2016 rss viewer web part not updating

I have also removed the query template as I won’t be doing a query – I just want the feed.

If you’re in need of authentication, then pick your poison at the bottom and you should be good to go. Using the Picture on left, 3 lines on right template gives this view by default, which is not very pretty.

The only valuable data directly on the item is the Title property, but inside ctx. Open Search Single Result XML you will find what you’re looking for.

The data might vary depending on your RSS feed, but I’ve created a sample RSS display template available on Github you can use for your modification.

I’m doing an assessment for migrating a 2010 solution to 2013, and one of the custom solutions installed was an RSS reader web part.

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