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Sindhi’s known for their distinctive looks, food and… So for the guys, these are the few bang on reasons that could probably hint you to marry a Sindhi chick or quite relateable if you’re already dating one! Not only that, she understands the fact that the way to a guy’s heart does go through his stomach – quite literally. She pulls of western as amazingly as she pulls off eastern traditional. Source: tumblr She lives with her parents – and they are the most chilled out people!

A Sindhi girl is one of the most bad ass, yet polite girl you’ll come across.

The glory and greatness of this land lies in the fact that Sindhi culture and heritage dates back to the ancient times of the Pre Vedic era.

It is widely believed that Sindh gains its name from the mighty river and is synonymous with the Lower Indus Valley. during his sweeping march through the valley, which has been fully described by Greek historians.

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