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Here's the thing: When you strip away the expectations and go about dating in an honest, mature way, you're much more likely to enjoy the process — so much so that you might not want it to end.

If you are wondering what that means in practice, then you've come to the right place.

There are a bunch of personalised dating apps and sites which take career, location and even religion into consideration when looking for a partner. One of the most important factors when online dating (or simply dating in general), is to know what you want.

This will make it so much easier to eliminate people who don’t match your criteria. Although in a face-to-face scenario this could come across as cute or endearing, sometimes humour just doesn’t translate on print.

Nevertheless, they both have the same questions, fears and yes, excitement. ) M has her first date since "it" happened - but to give the girl some props, she's handled "it" extremely well.

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