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The Wind River Range (or "Winds" for short), is a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in western Wyoming in the United States.The range runs roughly NW-SE for approximately 100 miles (161 km).Consider this: A seasonal salad is whatever they find at the local market.

With the exception of the Grand Teton in the Teton Range, the next 19 highest peaks in Wyoming after Gannett are also in the Winds.

Two large National Forests including three wilderness areas encompass most of the mountain range.

I soon realized that finding other mom friends is hard.

Not only is it difficult to find another mom you can talk to about naptime, potty training and pregnancy, but it’s nearly impossible (at least it seemed for me) to find a mom you can talk to about your fears, dreams and struggles.

Shoshone National Forest is on the eastern side of the continental divide while Bridger-Teton National Forest is on the west.

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