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Even if you have been on dates with dozens of different people or have met your current date many times before, it’s possible for nerves to creep in and undermine your ability to enjoy yourself.Don’t feel ashamed if you feel nervous–your anxieties merely show that you are invested in the results of your date!Customize everything from their appearances, to their personalities and even the home of their dreams.

A new study has revealed exactly when women are most likely to start playing away, or at least consider looking for sex outside of their relationship.

A wife or girlfriend is most likely to start sleeping with another man behind their partner’s back in their mid-30s.

The study was carried out by dating site Victoria Milan - a site that specialises in helping men and women find affairs.

They specialist site discovered women are much more likely to look for extramarital sex at these ages. They also discovered that the average age women marry is 29 years old.

So it seems the notion of the seven-year itch may exist after all - at least for women.

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