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We met on your Sydney speed dating event in August and we've been happily together since.

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As most of us desire romantic love and partnership, many of us have a burning desire for something else outside of romance.

Something deep, passionate and covered in raw, unadulterated loyalty. Preferably an MFF who shares our same sense of humor about diaper blowouts in public, but that’s not a requirement. I can already feel the hot sweats coming on envisioning myself trying to approach a bunch of ladies at the park who seem to be having fun, only to have them give me a few fake smiles and then close up their circle like a BFF fortress.

It could be they’re a little weird, passive aggressive or vaguebook on Facebook until we just can’t anymore!

Or maybe they’re great people, but they just don’t quite click. Remaining friendly, cordial and compassionate with people we don’t have a lot in common with is a part of life and being a faithful member of any community, but we need friends we can be our true selves around.

People who support us, our parenting styles, and most importantly, laugh at our incredible jokes.

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