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However, American’s love of Chinese women may lead them into dealing with something they are not so familiar with – sajiao.

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But that same girl would be flattered if a foreigner offers to buy her a drink in the streets of London, or say, Paris?

Sorry to bruise your egos, but what we’re going to talk about now may not feel very good at first, it might hurt even, but it’s important to talk about.

Indian men don’t make the best partners, or so everyone believes.

At a stage where the mind is the most impressionable, boys and girls are separated.

Sa(撒) in Chinese means “to give expression to” or “to cast out and let loose,” and jiao(娇) means “lovely, “charming, and “delicate,” or “to pamper or spoil.” In other words, Chinese girls want their men to spoil them like little princesses.

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