Swinging dating in coventry warwickshire

So a bit about us, we are a predominantly straight female but that doesn’t mean she won’t kiss and will lick other females out, especally if after just being fucked or eating out creampie from another women, which without problems will get me hard and ready again to play, but their again ask any male about watching his wife going down on another women and you can be sure of his response !

But like we said it depends on the other women and my wife as to whether that happens or not, so in a nutshell she’s straight, but …….

Rich is 32, 6ft with a shaven head, medium build, VWE, easy gonig and friendly and up for a laugh!

We have visited a couple of clubs before and now want to meet up with others, Especially if you visit Libs or chameleons and would like someone to chat with and whatever else!!

We prefer our contacts to have a good sense of humour ( which helps when swinging) the ability to interact and just as important considering people you are meeting with as we do and as a couple we are both well educated and able to hold a good conversation about things other than what way you like sex!

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