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You can choose to verify your age via Facebook, which is handled on the back end; other users can't see your Facebook profile, but they do see your verification. "The innovation here is not that you're anonymous," said Sun, below, who is known on the service as White Panda."It's that you're wearing a mask." Once suitably masked, you're placed into a mixed-gender group with four other users for a very casual ice breaker, a simple survey in which everyone's answers are revealed at the same time.

FACT #3 Did you know that 50% of youth who report dating violence and rape also report attempting suicide?

FACT #4 Did you know that 23% of girls and 14% of boys will experience dating violence for the first time between the ages of 11 and 17?

Question: do you feel it is better for older (17, 18, 19) year-old teens to date casually or to be in a stable, exclusive relationship?

I know that years and years ago teens dated casually and nothing was thought of it.

When the boy wants to take it further--become boyfriend and girlfriend--she says "no thank you".

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