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Kein Problem, dann bekommst Du Dein wertvolles Stück Heimat eben, wenn Du nächstes Jahr wieder im Lande bist.

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There is indeed a strong stereotype about Thai girls here, mainly because of the Thai Discos in Singapore and Thailand itself. So I don’t think the issue of trust has to do with distance or race. Don’t screw around and think you can get away with it.

With all those “credentials”, you can bet that there have been a lot of lessons to be learnt, ranging from human behaviour, how people view you and what to expect from relationships, in general. 1) People will judge, lambaste, tease and even look down on you, but that’s their problem, not yours Let’s just get it out the way. “I give you three months, max” said a friend’s girlfriend to my face two years ago, which was really ironic cause she looked like a tranny herself. My assumption for the guys is that they enjoy said nightlife scene and… If you need to keep thinking about it, you just don’t trust then.

These folk also happen to be the most vocal online, barking their terrible dating stories across all four corners of the web.

Don’t get me wrong, I too had a bad dating story in Thailand.

You feel the ladies and gents of Thailand want to meet you, but they’re too shy.

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