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In the 1990s Walbran, who is a dual Australian-New Zealand citizen, worked at the Australian and British international schools in Jakarta and was later accused of abusing children in the Indonesian capital, Bali and Lombok.

He was convicted in 2012 and jailed for three years in Lombok.

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The bug is caused by a failure to render the unicode characters properly.

Now, a similar bug has been discovered on messaging app Skype, and it's even more disruptive.

It's similar to another bug currently at large on i Phones.

Receiving a certain string of unicode characters on i OS can cause Messages and other apps to crash, and even force the device to reboot entirely.

"He engaged in a number of sexual offences, some of them involving sexual intercourse with a child who was 8 years of age one of the victims," the manager of the AFP in South East Asia, Commander Jamie Strauss said."He lured that child, who was on the beach in Lombok, and that child was selling artefacts just to survive in Lombok as is the case, lured him to the hotel and did engage in sexual intercourse with that individual."That happened over a number of years."Walbran was released from jail in May last year and deported back to Australia."People would like to see these people never released, in my opinion but at the end of the day laws in different countries provide different standards and sentences for these offences," Commander Strauss said.

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