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London, England (CNN) -- The United Kingdom votes on a new government May 6 through a political system that dates back centuries. A general election is when voters nationwide choose lawmakers who will sit in the House of Commons, the lower chamber which initiates and approves legislation.

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There is a multi-party system with a great many different political parties – many more than in either the US or UK.

Politicians from parties on the Right may hold views more in line with parties of the Left in other countries.

2 comments The current French political system of the Fifth Republic is a hybrid presidential/parliamentary system with a President (François Hollande) who is head of state, sharing power with a Prime Minister (Jean-Marc Ayrault) who is the head of government.

Parliament is made up of the National Assembly (the lower house) which sits in the Palais Bourbon with 577 députés elected from single member constituency in a two-rounds system.

An election must take place, by law, at least every five years.

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