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Well I am a laid back real person looking for the same. I can care less what you look like, what race you are, if your a walking toothpick or have a few extra pounds, its all the same to me. Some users may use the system improperly spaming, publishing somebody else's photographs or fraudulent money transferring offers.

If your a shallow person who jusdges everything on looks and appearance or are a gold digger dont read on. We'd be very much obliged to you if you'll inform us about such violations helping us make the service better.

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How do we go after these people who are taking our money? I became a "VIP" client in 2008 with all the assurances of matching me from a roster of pre-qualified candidates of which I was told there were many.

I was drawn to this service by their so-called screening process having faith in Brenan **, their head matchmaker. Needless to say, the few dates I had were not even a close match.

If she is not putting in the effort she is not the one.” I did not want to hear that because this girl was not putting in When you find the right one they will recognize what you are worth the effort.

You will both sacrifice and both be willing to pay any price to be together.

I signed up for 20 referrals with unlimited hold time in July 2010... I called, sent repeated emails and even drove over to the office.

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