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While many of the staples of Bulgarian cuisine you would also find in Turkey, Greece or Serbia, in Bulgaria each of those has its own local flavour to set it apart from the Balkan neighbours’ version. Banitsa in any of its forms is an inseparable part of a traditional Bulgarian breakfast.

Until 2007, militia members (which included nearly all Swiss men) were required to keep a box of sealed, government-issued ammunition, along with their service rifles, in their homes. S.-led NATO airstrikes in the 1999 war against forces loyal to Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia — which is steadily moving toward full ascension into the E. — re-entered the international arms market in the mid-2000s with deals to produce small-calibre guns for the U. A Saudi visitor to the Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference, (SOFEX) held in Amman, Jordan, brandishes a pair of pistols at the expo in 2010.

The military exhibition, billed as a networking event for global security, is an annual event. The Iraqi insurgency has continued as fighters from the Syrian civil war, as well as ISIS militants, have spilled into the country.

Members of a Florida survival group get ready for a training exercise near Old Town, Fla., in 2012. Switzerland is alone in Western Europe in its attitude toward gun ownership.

Swiss men, all considered part of the militia after mandatory arms training, are permitted to keep their service rifles at home.

On those dates, banitsa is filled with lucky paper charms which are sometimes easy to chew through.

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