Updating bashrc

Installing them is easy (they're inside a zip file) but setting up your computer to use them isn't a straightforward process.

Setting up Hadoop in a single machine is easy, but no fun. Running HDFS and Map Reduce on a single machine is great for learning about these systems, but to do useful work we need to run Hadoop on multiple nodes.

Most of us will never need to install the Android SDK.

updating bashrc-5

Ubuntu) # # display an error # error() # # get Clipboard # function get Clipboard() tmp=/tmp/clipboard$$ get Clipboard There are different clipboards in Linux; the X server has one, the window manager might have another one, etc. Oh, yes, on CLI, the screen program has its own clipboard as well, as do some other applications like Emacs and vi. You can check this thread for other possible answers: access them, the only issue is that they are user specific and devices are system-wide. Copying text would thus automatically result in the same text appearing in the other X session's selection.

But if you make a kernel device driver that masks according to the accessing UID, it should work as expected.

If you install GVim, it should be enabled by default in both GUI and terminal instances of vim.

If you don't already know how to vim, this might be tedious. You can only do this if a certain feature is enabled when compiling vim.

See the picture here: Quantenna Mini U-Boot Version: 1.4.6 Built: Oct 08 2012 at Boot reached stage 64 Boot reached stage 65 QTN-EMAC Boot reached stage 80 1G-FD Using QTN-EMAC device L2_TFTP start Filename 'qtn-uboot'.

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