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It allowed users to cross-post to the website and pulled in around 5% of its listings from external sources, notably Craigslist.

It’s not surprising then that it, too, ended up on Craigslist’s radar.

First launched in June 2011 with a different sort of business model – falling price auctions – Egg Drop switched to more traditional marketplace-style listings in November, and began to pick up steam. Investors were looking for “hyper growth,” he explains, and, despite having some traction in several metropolitan areas, Egg Drop was never able to get to critical mass.

By March, Egg Drop had hit half a million downloads on i OS and Android, with $8 million in listings across the U. The app had previously leveraged Craigslist for both exposure and content.

But even though companies like Airbnb have been able to leverage Craigslist to boost their own discoverability, the percentage of users who discovered the Egg Drop app on Craigslist was in the “single digits.” Users tended to find the app through more typical means: word-of-mouth, app store searches, and for a short time, through a featured listing on Google Play.

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