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The ability to play as any of the 12 featured races - each now featuring its own unique technology tree, planetary improvements, and spacecraft - expands the gameplay experience from deep to damn near bottomless.

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Dread Lords (commonly Gal Civ2) is a 4X turn-based strategy by Stardock for Microsoft Windows.

Note To Everyone this is just some feedback from me a long time veteran player of this genera ( I know I am not the only one who played Mo O) As a gamer this is obviously a big part of the game we will want to enjoy after building and researching for lengthy games we want to see these big carriers launcher an army of interceptors OR shoot the many different weapons we see in other games lasers, rail guns, quark cannons, point defense vs fighters, I hope you change your mind of the emphasis you put on battles otherwise you might just make a big mistake if that you will not profit as much as you could form this game if the players don't see it as a must play again type of game (don't want to see players getting bored with the game is all im saying after a play through and they think to themselves wow I wish they put more effort into this battle system COULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT GAME) I played with possibly a thousand different players in these type games and yes we enjoy the space strategy and empire building but we also want to get into some battles and use tactics and special weapons to gain the upper hand "But we don’t want to mislead people – Galactic Civilizations isn’t about fighting long tactical battles." They don't need to be long, but tactical is what makes battle fun you could also have an option that allow you to skip the visuals in case you don't want to watch or control anything and let the a.i.

This would let the player to be a general, a "guiding force", not a captain of each individual ship. Keep it simple, Ship with strength, A and defence B battles another ship with strength C and defence D and let the dice roll. If you want to add a little tactical element to the game, perhaps allow tactics from the map screen instead, so you see that an enemy ship is heading for one of your star-bases.

If you intercept it head on you'll fight a pretty even battle, but if you use a faster ship and go around behind your enemy and attack from there you get a slight bonus in the fight maybe.

Also, some of you might know that 7 Taskbar Tweaker doesn’t work. 0004068: [Bug] Label number shall be reset when “allow beta” gets disabled with some beta update previously detected (Kyle_Katarn) 0004026: Dread Lords (commonly Gal Civ2) is a 4X turn-based strategy by Stardock for Microsoft Windows.

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