Updating joomla

At this point, you should be able to log into the back end of your site with the new version installed. If the updated version has new core extensions, new extensions will be listed, as shown below.

updating joomla-3updating joomla-18

Thought I would share because if stackideas are advertising for people to update, there should be a disclaimer. f=710&sid=d441cb388302416eb0120841e1e16ddb Hm, I think errors like this are bound to happen because there are just too many different environment and setup.

Having said that, I agree we need to add a disclaimer link in our post so others could also check out the forums on Joomla.

The advantage of this method is that it will work on slower shared hosts. Now the screen should show that the database is up to date.

The disadvantage is that it requires more work by the system administrator. You will initially have Database problems when you check the Database, similar to the screen below. Navigate to Extension Manager: Discover and click on the Discover icon in the toolbar.

Q: Will the update override the source code adjustments I've made to RSForm! If you did perform source code adjustments to RSForm!

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