Updating quantum cryptography and communications dating a girl from a broken home

In each agent, advanced encryption standard is also implemented, beside one-time pad.

They can be switched, depending on residual amounts of secure keys.

→Middle-term operation performance of QKD over 90 km The live demonstration of QKD was performed in an international collaboration by NICT, NEC, Mitsubishi Electric, NTT, Toshiba Research Europe Ltd., ID Quantique, and All Vienna (the Austrian Institute of Technology, the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information and the University of Vienna). QKD devices push the key materials to the key management layer.

The Tokyo QKD network is configured as a star network connecting the JGN2plus operation center in Otemachi with NICT's Headquarter in Koganei as well as Tokyo University in Hongo and NICT's research facility in Hakusan. 1 below) We adopted a three-layer architecture based on trusted nodes, as shown Fig. The quantum layer consists of point-to-point quantum links, forming the QBB. In this middle layer, a key management agent (KMA) locates at each site, and works as a trusted node.

A secure video conference between the network nodes was successfully demonstrated.

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