novell roaming prifile not updating - Updating router

recently upgraded my internet 100 Mbps did speedtest after cisco; obtained bunch gen8 blades client down florida figured would create quick “how to” guide on firmware.

When connected computer are network very important keep updated.

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Before updating the firmware of your router, you will need to download and save the updated firmware file from the Belkin Support Site to your computer.

QUICK TIP: Belkin routers have the Save/Backup Settings and Restore Previous Settings features which allow you to save your current router configuration settings and to retrieve a previously-backed up configuration.

A firmware update contains encoded instructions to help improve the performance of your Belkin router.

It could also resolve any issues that the previous firmware version has.

But hackers and jerks the world over are always finding new vulnerabilities, and the only way to keep up is to make sure your router’s firmware is up-to-date.

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