Updating spade to modular phones

The mod by Fantom Dynamics mounts to any Moto Z smartphone using on-board phone magnetic connectors.

Once mounted, the smartphone launches the Linc app which allows full access to walkie-talkie …

It is a cylindrical speaker continuously connected to the cloud-based AI, called Amazon Alexa.

Updating spade to modular phones

Bottom line: Moto does modular support right, with some really interesting and useful mods, and an easy mechanism for swapping them in and out.

One more thing: There's no headphone jack, so you'll need to use a USB-C dongle to connect most headphones to the Moto Z. Without the mods, the Moto Z might have been yet another decent high-end smartphone.

But the mods change all that, allowing Moto to build out meaningful functionality in a series of surprisingly great accessories.

If you just want to add some visual flair to the phone, Moto's Style Shells are for you.

The Moto Z Force has many of the same features as the standard Z, but upgrades the camera to a 21-megapixel unit; the display to a shatterproof panel; and the battery to a 3,500m Ah cell.

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