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And in the case of diseases such as cancer, these can be used to track a tumor’s origin and descent.

Because this microarray requires nonstandard laboratory equipment, its use in a diagnostic setting is limited.

This study aimed to develop and validate an alternative quantitative real-time PCR assay for measuring methylation that can easily be established in clinical laboratories, thereby facilitating the implementation of this biomarker in clinical practice.

Using the Taq Man Gene Expression Assay based real-time PCR data set as the reference set, the performance of the two microarray platforms was evaluated focusing on the following criteria: (1) Sensitivity and accuracy in detection of expression; (2) Fold change correlation with real-time PCR data in pair-wise tissues as well as in gene expression profiles determined across all tissues; (3) Sensitivity and accuracy in detection of differential expression.

Gene Expression Assay based real-time PCR technology.

The complete sequencing of several genomes, including that of the human, has signaled the beginning of a new era in which scientists are becoming increasingly interested in functional genomics; that is, uncovering both the functional roles of different genes, and how these genes interact with, and/or influence, each other.

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