Vanessa white mollie king dating

Beyond-immaculate manners, the most enviable hair ever – Mollie King is pretty damn cool IRL.

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I know his album is out now and I’m looking forward to hearing it. It’s just about supporting each other on our different journeys, and it’s so nice to be so close to them. She’s my best friend and she’s very honest with me as well, so I know that if I were to ask: ‘Does this dress look bad? Because I’ve been in the studio so much recently, I haven’t really been able to go to the gym so I don’t feel very fit at the moment.

He’s such a star and he’s so lovely – I hope he does really well with it. I normally try to go to the gym about three times a week, and I also like to do some boxing as well, if I can fit it in.

Mollie's floor-sweeping red gown was topped off with a shimmering gold waist band, which added another pop of colour to the eye-catching ensemble.

Mollie wore her luscious blonde locks in tousled waves, teased to Brigitte Bardot perfection.

She has also been involved with philanthropic efforts, such as recording singles for Comic Relief.

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